Application for the post game chat moderator Russian LFG

Application for the post game chat moderator Russian LFG

Postby Talarion » 28 Jan 2015, 16:50

1) Name: Андрей
2) Home Town: Ukraine, Krivoy Rog
3) Age: 19
4) Timezone: (GMT+2)
5)About me: I am fond of sports, as well as MMORPG WoW, in which he played about 7 years.

What more are you going to do to help the server?:
To help the server is ready to pay more attention to moderating the chat game in particular Russian LFG.

Why do you want to be a forum mod?:
On the day of play about 6 hours. Unfortunately, web design skills do not own , but if you need help to learn to cook for themselves.

How active are you on the forums?:
Most of the time I spend in the game, but if the job will oblige work is online , ready to pay a lot of attention.

How long have you been with
About project AT I learned a long time ago , but a large amount of time played. When I learned that AT opened WoD decided to go back to playing there.

Why should I pick you instead of someone else?:
You should choose me because I am a responsible, hard-working, easy to learn new information and are prepared to give 1000% of his office. One of my weaknesses - poor command of English .

Another reason for applying for the post of moderator, is the poor attitude of the players together and endless resentment in the Russian LFG almost all realm lists AT. There is a great desire to fix it.
Thanks in advance!
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