AT Forum / Ingame Rules 2013-2015

AT Forum / Ingame Rules 2013-2015

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AT Forum / Ingame Rules 2013-2015

In-game Rules

  • Hacking or exploiting bugs in the game will lead to a permanent account closure
  • Exploiting known bugs (not in an arena setting) will lead to a temporary ban of 3-14 days depending on severity
  • Informing others of bugs for the purpose of exploitation will lead to a temporary ban of 3-14 days depending on severity
  • Players who have previously been punished for win-trading or exploiting the game are not eligible to receive end-season titles on any account, separate or new
  • Abusive multiboxing will lead to a ban. (ban time will depend on severity).

  • The LFG channels on both realms are exclusive to English. Use of any other language other than English will lead to a warning, followed by a mute
  • Spamming in any channel will lead to a warning, followed by a mute
  • Adult language is permitted to an extent. Extensive and unreasonable use of adult language may lead to a mute or ban
  • Harassment of any fellow player will lead to a warning, followed by a ban or mute. Sharing another players personal/contact information without consent falls under this category.
  • Advertising to sell, buy or trade anything, AT related or not, through the in-game channels for real life currency will lead to a ban.
  • Casinos are not allowed to advertise in LFG, doing so will lead to an account closure without warning. Any participation in casinos is at your own risk. Any lost items or currency will not be restored.
  • Double healer teams are prohibited in 2v2. Triple DPS and Double healer/DPS teams are prohibited in 3v3 on the Cataclysm realm.
  • Indirectly teaming up during World PvP on the Cataclysm realm and ganking others is prohibited.

Conduct towards Game Masters
Please keep in mind; Arena-Tournament Game Masters are volunteers who are choosing to assist the community in their free-time
  • Disrespectful language towards a GM may lead to a punishment at the discretion of the GM
  • Tickets are the only supported way of receiving in-game support. Please do not whisper a GM without being whispered first
  • Please describe your issue or question in the ticket, as tickets may be answered when you are offline. Tickets such as "Hi GM, I have a problem, whisper me please." will be deleted without notice
  • Tickets should only be written in English or else they will be deleted
  • Do not repeat the same ticket repeatedly; it may lead to a mute or ban

Donations & Items
  • We will not change your donation so be sure you make the right choice when donating.
  • We do not refund items, so choose wisely when you’re making a purchase.
  • We reserve the right not to restore any item or title with or without a screenshot.

VIP Specific
  • Abusing VIP commands in PvP can lead to a ban. (Duration depending on severity)
  • Appearing a GM when you were not asked to can lead to a punishment at the discretion of the Staff Member

Exclusive Islands
  • GM Island is for GM's only. Players on GM Island will be banned for 5 days, if the action is repeated, their account will be closed.
  • Non-VIPs on VIP island will recieve a temp ban.

  • Advertising boosting is NOT allowed anywhere. (example: LFG, Say, Yell, Whisp) or names (char, pet, team, guild). This also include twitch channels and other websites.

Wintrading & MMR Dropping
  • Wintrading at any rating will lead to account closure
  • Intentional MMR dropping will lead to the character and the account suspension.
  • Account-Sharing & Trading
  • Account sharing is allowed but remember if you lose the account and you can't prove you are the owner, we will not help you.
  • Account trading will lead to a permanent closure of the account, and advertising to trade your account for any currency or medium in any channel will lead to account closure
  • You are not allowed to sell your account. It will lead to a permanent closure on the account.
  • Continuously inviting low MMR characters into a high MMR team to be able to queue and fight ONLY against low MMR teams is considered MMR abuse and is highly forbidden.
  • Wintrading or the use of 3rd party programs to get an unfair advantage in arena will be deprived of any rewards during the season in which they broke the rules if identified.

Forum Rules

  • English is the only permitted language in any forum thread or post (Except Community/Support - Russian)
  • Quote spamming prohibited
  • New consequence system: 1st warning, 2nd warning, account closure
  • After 90 days of staying within the code of conduct, one warning expires
  • Excessive use and abuse of spoilers will no longer be tolerated.
  • Harassing/Insulting a Staff Member leads to a punishment at the discretion of the Staff member.
  • Posting streams/videos which do not include AT footage will be deleted, unless in Off-topic section.
  • A Forum name can not be changed
  • Posting any personal information such as, anyone's (including your own) address, IP, and Skype name is strongly prohibited
  • Links to other platforms like market places and ads are unwanted
  • The forum will no longer tolerate spam, flames, or trolling
  • Wintrade and Hacks are to be posted in the Report sections
  • Pornography will lead to a perm ban without warning
  • Necroing a thread will be acknowledged as spamming
  • Posts about locked or deleted threads will be deleted
  • It's no longer allowed for players to bump an application within 3 days
Arena-Tournament reserves the right to make changes at any time with or without public notice.
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