8bitmadness' GM Application

8bitmadness' GM Application

Postby 8bitmadness » 31 Jan 2015, 09:21


Samuel Garcia

Home Town:

Los Angeles, California




GMT -8 / PST

About you:

I'm a game design student from Los Angeles with a large amount of technical skills. I've always loved video games, WoW especially, and originally found Molten after I unsubbed from retail. I was drawn to Arena Tournament mainly due to the WoD server.

What more are you going to do to help the server?:

I feel that I could easily answer tickets, help out players with any problems they are having that are not severe enough to warrant making a ticket, and do many other community related aspects of being a GM, especially considering I am a social person myself. In addition to this, if there are any mundane or monotonous tasks that need to be done, I am willing to take on those jobs so that more important things can get done faster.

Approximately, how many hours a day can you play? Also what time of a day?:

4-6 hours, sometimes more on the weekends. I am available any time between the hours of 12 PM and 9 PM

Any other skills (Photoshop, Web Design, C++, etc)?:

Extensive knowledge of GM commands, some Photoshop experience, I know how to edit SQL databases for trinitycore, and very minor experience in both C++ and Python.

What views do you have towards the job of GM?:

I feel that the GM is meant to maintain the server beyond that which the developers do, especially when dealing with players. GM's are meant to be unbiased in any situation, to help those who need helping, and punish those who have broken the rules. They are the stalwart defenders of a server, and are required to uphold the rules of a server, even if it does not match their personal beliefs.

How active are you in Game and on the forums?:

I have not had the opportunity to be very active due to some things, such as the problems with the WoD login server, but I do plan on being a LOT more active.

How long have you been with Arena-tournament.com?:

About a week. To be honest I only want to be a GM because I know this server has a great community and I want to improve it, and possibly push Molten off of its throne as the "top WoW private server".

Why should I pick you instead of someone else?:

I have a large amount of experience with being a GM, as I was a GM for a friend's private server and fixed quite a few problems with the small community he had set up. In addition, I have worked in customer service before, so I know what mindset is required, and can take on that mindset immediately. I also will be completely neutral with things regarding my own characters, as it would be wrong for me to be granting them items and stuff.

Last Words:

I know that nobody can be trusted on the internet, but if I become a GM, you can trust me with anything, and if I mess up, I know that its my fault.
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Re: 8bitmadness' GM Application

Postby Meatcave » 02 Feb 2015, 19:58


Please send me your skype info in a forum message.
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Re: 8bitmadness' GM Application

Postby 8bitmadness » 03 Feb 2015, 06:35

Info Sent.
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