Hela's Game Master Application

Hela's Game Master Application

Postby Hela » 23 Jan 2015, 12:01

Mathias Jensen

Home Town:
Rønnede or Roennede

10-09-98 so 16 years old

I live in denmark, GTM+1

About you:
My name is Mathias Jensen, I'm 16 years old, I've been playing world of warcraft since I've been 7 years old, right now I don't have school so I can use my time playing wow. in my sparetime I play soccer, playing wow, and being with friends. lately I were staff on the server Arena-Source unfortunally it closed.

What more are you going to do to help the server?:
I wanna help the server by being online alot helping the players communicating with them, answering their tickets and questions and letting them know that there is someone to take care of them, that wants to help, by being active.

Approximately, how many hours a day can you play? Also what time of a day?:
I can play 5-10 hours everyday, most of the day but mostly in the eve

Any other skills (Photoshop, Web Design, C++, etc)?:
To be honest no, but I'm learning C++ but it's going a bit slow

What views do you have towards the job of GM?:
I loved my GM jobs in the past and would love to continue that. The most important thing is that I understand what it means to be a GM, and that when you deal with users, you are representing the entire staff/community with your answers and actions.

How active are you in Game and on the forums?:
I'm active ingame, but I recently started here, so it's not much, but it will be alot more 5-10 hours both places

How long have you been with Arena-tournament.com?:
I've been registered here for 2days but not much playtime yet

Why should I pick you instead of someone else?:
You should pick me, due my knowledge of being a Game Master and my knowledge of the commands, I'm aa guy that takes the job as a GM serious, I do very small mistakes as a GM, I'm teamworker, I love to communicate with the players so they know that someone cares about them and ready to help them.

Last Words:
list of my GM places
NSSGAMING (under development)
Delta-WoW (closed)
Unholywow (owner closed it due low players)

I hope to hear from you guys
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Re: Hela's Game Master Application

Postby Zeperion » 23 Jan 2015, 23:31

Good luck. :)
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Re: Hela's Game Master Application

Postby Voltagex » 31 Jan 2015, 05:23

10-09-98 so 16 years old

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You should pick me, due my knowledge of being a Game Master and my knowledge of the commands, I'm aa guy that takes the job as a GM serious

noisa wrote:enay u didnt say that when u asslicked hophel and me to play with u so u can get more than 2k ahhaha
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