Akar's GM Application

Akar's GM Application

Postby Akar » 27 Oct 2014, 11:46


Home Town:
Toulouse (France)



About you:
I've a large experience about private servers and WoW in general, played AT wotlk and loved it because PvP is fully scripted. I've been working for several servers in the past (i'll send more infos to MeatCave about this via mp).

What more are you going to do to help the server?:
Tracking Bugs and Bug-Users, doing tickets helping the staff and players about some issues that they can't understand or fix ingame and on the forums. I can moderate channels same as i can moderate trolls & bad manners.

Approximately, how many hours a day can you play? Also what time of a day?:
I'm almost there each day after 4pm (16h) until 11pm (23h).

Any other skills (Photoshop, Web Design, C++, etc)?:
I'm still learning C++ & SQL, but i'm not famous atm.

What views do you have towards the job of GM?:
Friendly with the staff but professional with players, same as all Staff teams, i've been Head-GM (infos to MeatCave).

How active are you in Game and on the forums?:
I'm not playing, even if i'll play sometimes, that's not my priority.
I can be very active as GM ingame and on the forums.

How long have you been with Arena-tournament.com?:
I can't say exactly, i haven't played a lot but it's around 4-5 years.

Why should I pick you instead of someone else?:
For my experience and professionalism, i've been GM over years so i know what to do.

Last Words:
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
AT is gonna revive, I love this new expension, it's awesome.
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Re: Akar's GM Application

Postby Akar » 06 Jan 2015, 17:35

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Re: Akar's GM Application

Postby drilonjakupi » 06 Jan 2015, 20:04

The application is short and clear, just the way i like stuff to be done, your english does seem fine aswell,if just what you are saying about your past GM experiences is true, then good luck.
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