Tatsu's GM Application

Tatsu's GM Application

Postby Tatsuqt » 24 Oct 2014, 02:13

Henrik Pedersen

Home Town:
Norway, Oslo.


GMT +2hours.

About you:
I want to introduce myself, my name is Henrik, and I live south of Norway. I can summarize who I am in three words; creative, motivated and always a smile on my face. I'm currently studying interactive design. I've also been studying at NITH, where I learned a lot about Java and SQL. But moved on to a different school, which is more web design focused. My goal is to eventually work as fulltime web designer.

On my free-time I love to play World of Warcraft. I've played this game since late vanilla, up till now. I have a good knowledge of each and every expansion.
I've always been off and on private servers, when I got bored of retail WoW. I always visited arena-tournament, which I think was the most fun and bugfree server to play on.

This also caught some curiosity about WoW emulation, and I always wanted to see how it was all done. Ever since that time, I've come a long way and, I've successfully created my own server for educational purposes. (TrinityCore)
If interested I can message you realm information.

What more are you going to do to help the server?:
Handling tickets in a professional and mature way. Specially now as the beta has launched, there will be a lot of players that need support. I feel I can handle the storm of tickets flooding in to the best of my efforts. But also, there is a lot of work to do behind the scenes so to speak. Which I can gladly help with.

Im mainly applying to be a GM on the WoD or MoP servers. I can also participate on other expansions if needed. I really enjoy brainstorming and comming up with new ideas as a team, I hope I can bring a lot of ideas to the table.

Before pre-patch 6.0.2 came out, I've been playing MoP fulltime, and have a lot of insight into this expansion. Which I see can be useful when correcting bugs. Im also still playing retail WoD actively on a high level and can bring some insight into this expansion aswell.

Apart from applying as a GM, I can also help in designing and developing web pages.
Previous work can be found on my portfolio.
Screenshot of my own servers website: homepage.

Approximately, how many hours a day can you play? Also what time of a day?:
I spend a lot of hours playing. Mainly from afternoon to midnight everyday, and often after midnight aswell. This can off course vary since I have a girlfriend, which of course requires some attention from time to time. But other than that, I would say I'm a very active player.

Any other skills (Photoshop, Web Design, C++, etc)?:
As mentioned above, I study web design, and I understand HTML/CSS fluently. Designing web pages also involves a lot of Photoshop, which I also know very well.
I would say I have a decent understanding in C++ and can correct and understand errors, as well as create basic to fairly advanced gossip scripts.
Handling databases is also something I can do. I write fairly well in SQL to insert and replace/remove data.

What views do you have towards the job of GM?:
I know Arena-Tournaments reputation is on the line. I will represent AT in a professional and mature way. I will take this seriously, even though it's a volunteer job. I will bring a positive and fun attitude, towards my job as GM. I really enjoy helping people, and I'm always happy to help.

How active are you in Game and on the forums?:
I would say I'm very active in-game and can spend a lot of time in the forums. Even though this account has no record of forum post, I am willing to help players out in the forums and express my opinions there. I will be participating in threads as much as possible and try to be as helpful as I can be.

How long have you been with Arena-tournament.com?:
Been on and off most of the time. Mainly playing on Wotlk, but now I've directed my focus on the new WoD and MoP realm. I discovered Arena-Tournament for many years ago, when there was a TBC realm active and the realmlist was abyssal-wow. Cant remember the exact date, but from I understand It was a fairly new server back then.

Why should I pick you instead of someone else?:
I believe my knowledge and experience in emulation can be a useful tool, I can see possibilities others can't see, come up with great ideas. Aside from the job of GM, I can also help with other tasks if needed.
While English is not my mother's tongue, I still have strong communication skills and can easily communicate and work well with a team. I love to have fun and laugh, and always up for a chat.

Last Words:
I am looking forward to positive feedback. I Hope you will take my application into consideration.
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Re: Tatsu's GM/Web Application

Postby Josephson » 24 Oct 2014, 02:39

Good Application! :) Good Luck!
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Re: Tatsu's GM Application

Postby Tatsuqt » 04 Feb 2015, 17:23

Bump, and updated a bit.
Still interested!
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