Realm type suggestion

Realm type suggestion

Postby superchanx » 15 Feb 2015, 23:35

Hello to everyone! i'm here to suggest an idea i had. And i hope this will be possible.

First of all, i'm suggesting this idea because Molten and AT are uniting as one, you'll understand why later.

Well, the idea is simple, and after post my idea i wanna ask you all a question. Who doesn't miss Ulduar raids? Who doesn't miss season 6 or 7? Who doesn't miss old woltk patchs? with a bit lower gear etc. Raiding yogg saron and stuffs.

So, the idea is about create a Pve Progressive realm (could be created another focused on pvp progressive realm as well) Starting from Naxxramas raid like in retail and progressing with next raids, just everything like blizz server like x3 or x5 (avoiding an annoying leveling up) and at the same time continuing with season 6, 7 and 8.

Obviously realm should be on 3.3.5a patch but like a blizz, progressing on Tiers and seasons along Woltk.

I suggest this because all servers offers the same; Arenas in season 8, or just 3.3.5 Pve (just Icc 24/7) and why not start this idea server with the Molten server staff and players help.

I think a huge ammount of players are always waiting for a thing like this, new pve content and change a bit in the "meta" game.

Ima go to watch tsm vs clg :D greetings.
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