Supposed "lag macro" or "lag abuse" followed by a 3days ban

Supposed "lag macro" or "lag abuse" followed by a 3days ban

Postby Prettymofuka » 13 Feb 2015, 00:58

Hello everyone,

maybe some of you know my pries Prettymofuka.I played alot of disc/ret in the recent times with Fahrin and Preghiera and I am currently rank11 in 2s and was in gladiator range. On this friday I got surprisingly a message from GM Zamper , who accused me for using "lag macros" or "lag abuse". He said that he has enough evidence to punish me for using this "lag abuse".He posted me some ID´s of replay games (for example 1804944 55) of the last 2 days where I play mostly vs Utopicplay (i guess its Gekku) and Terminatorok Warrior/Paladin or Elbore and Supabobygodx Warrior/Paladin. In some situation it looks like that I´m lagging , which is absolutely correct.To be honest I had laggs since several weeks and they come just as spontaneously as they go.I have usually all the time 19ms and around 60fps, but since the laggs i had some weeks ago 200 - 280 ms and I didnt play any arena with those laggs .In the last 2days I had sometimes around 50 - 90 ms and I played some arena. The problem of the accuse is just that I didnt even know that "lag macros" exists or that its possible to "abuse lag". Furthermore I dont have any knowledge of "lag macros" or hacks or scripts AT ALL. I asked therefore GM Zamper how i can prove my innocence and he replied that since I "used" already those "lag macros" I can´t prove the opposite. Moreover I asked him proper if I would get a ban , if I wont que any arena anymore , because I was just too afraid that my account get banned for doing nothing. GM Zamper replied that I will not get a ban , if I wont continuing using the "lag macros". After that i told him that I am in a bad spot , because I already noticed that he won´t change his opinion and furthermore because I dont have any idea how to prove my innocence since I dont know anything about using hacks/scripts/lag abuse. I told him several times that i will not que any arena before he believes me.GM Zamper answered me then suddenly that I WILL get a ban , which expires 3 days after season end , what is really a shame since I wanted to get gladiator this season and was almost succeeding in it!I played atleast since 5 years on Arena-Tournament with huge sympathy and I would consider myself as an AT loyal player.But getting banned almost before season end because I get accused to use supposed "lag macros" ,seems in my opinion really incomprehensible and lacks of understanding.If there might some unprejudiced Gamemasters , could they please contact me and we will have a conversation?Thank you for listening and thanks in advance!

Best regards
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Re: Supposed "lag macro" or "lag abuse" followed by a 3days

Postby Erpforlife » 13 Feb 2015, 01:13

you only get 5 day ban for abusing lag macro, and get to keep the rating? maybe it's worth trying out
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Re: Supposed "lag macro" or "lag abuse" followed by a 3days

Postby Zamperz » 13 Feb 2015, 01:41


the ban was given on evidence of multiple replays and further investigation and the duration determined in consideration of other factors. If you wish to further discuss this, please personally message me here on the forums.
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