Postby Bronky » 12 Feb 2015, 06:10

Hello, haven't been on for a month, few day's ago i tried to sign in and didn't have my pass, ended up getting it back today and i see my priest is deleted, I armory the name and a sham has it, sham has no gear or anything.
Guessing someone got into my account and deleted it, Someone told me how to restore it, i can't get my name back, he said i should have full gear but i don't i'm assuming someone deleted all the gear b4 deleting the character.
If i can't get my name back, can i at least get my gear back?
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Re: Hacked

Postby Devro » 12 Feb 2015, 10:45


Account security is your own problem, same goes with the items. GameMasters are not authorized to give out items to anyone no matter the situation.

Next time, take account security more serious and your account won't get hacked, I recommend not sharing your account details with anyone even though it's not bannable.

Have a good day, Bronky.
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