Postby DKop » 12 Feb 2015, 01:50

Hello I want to tell that im so Dissapointed from GM named Zamper! Today I tried to log in my vip account and it said it's "closed" I log in site and there type "permamently banned for selling/buying". I made ticket and he told me that there was proof of me selling the account and that's why it's banned. I havent sell my account, I share it with my friend but he's only playing. The gm told me that the account wont be unbanned and he don't have the premission to show me the "proof". So in this case we can arrest him for murdering someone without cropse or any proofs that he did it but still go in jail. That's Redicilious! I did nothing against the rules. Now my spended 60 euros going for nothing. No screenshots, no hronology, NO PROOF JUST BAN! Can somebody tell me what to do now? Whant institution can I visit to search my rights? Obviosly this GM dont care that I spend 60 euros, 60 euros are too much for me im not rich as many players, I saved these money long time and now it's gone. I talked to my friend, he told me that nobody else knew the password and nobody tried to "sell it" or something. Can somebody help me please? :(
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Postby Zamperz » 12 Feb 2015, 01:57

DKop wrote: I share it with my friend

Account sharing is at your own risk and you are personally responsible for all actions on the account.

We only ban with 100% secure proof, the ban will not be lifted and this has been discussed several times now.
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