log-in problems

log-in problems

Postby kackstuhl » 07 Feb 2015, 16:22

hey guys….
my problem is a bit difficult to explain, a few months ago i was able to play on the normal WOTLK EU arena-tournament realm without any problems. But since some weeks its impossible to play, i can log in normally but i can't move or use any spells and its like i have super super heavy lags. I'm just standing on one spot and only can turn around, thats it. Luckily i could play on the proxy realm because the problem was only on the other realm… but now its on the proxy realm aswell and i can't play at all.

thanks for some advises and sorry for the bad english :D
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Re: log-in problems

Postby doommass » 09 Feb 2015, 21:53

I think a problem is in one of two things:
1.Cache file. Be sure to delete that.
2.Your connection. When your connection is not good enough, it just doesn't load animations, textures and movements etc. I would advice to talk with your internet providers.
I would recommend to scan your computers from viruses too.
Good Luck.
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