Warrior: Taste for Blood

Warrior: Taste for Blood

Postby Zameru » 03 Feb 2015, 20:18

"Taste for Blood"
"Whenever your Rend ability causes damage, you have a chance of allowing the use of your Overpower ability for 9 sec. 1 charge. This effect will not occur more than once every 6 sec."
Talent has two "Internal cooldowns". This Bug
1. the first ICD 6 sec after >>> proc Aura spel ID-60503 "Taste for Blood. Allows the use of Overpower. 9 seconds remaining" the first ICD is true
2. the second ICD 6 sec after >>> use spell ID-7384 "Overpower". this is not true!
Two "Internal cooldowns" is not true

proof link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7Isjnsg0Cs
4:30 "Bladestorm" Start >>> 4:34 proc "Taste for Blood" >>> 4.36"Bladestorm" end >>> 4:37 "Overpower" >>>3sec! after use>>> 4:40 proc "Taste for Blood" + "Overpower".
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Re: Warrior: Taste for Blood

Postby fzix » 03 Feb 2015, 20:57

Read the 3.3.5b patch.
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Re: Warrior: Taste for Blood

Postby Voltagex » 05 Feb 2015, 13:40

Regarding warriors, let’s start with arms. We feel like Unrelenting Assault is too inconsistent for anyone fighting an arms warrior. If I am a healer and I have just faked an overpower, I should be safe to cast (assuming there is no pummel to follow). This change should help address that.

Taste for Blood (talent) Internal cooldown starts after the use of the proc instead of on proc start.
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Re: Warrior: Taste for Blood

Postby Brokencow » 06 Feb 2015, 05:32

But dw LS/x is fine.
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Re: Warrior: Taste for Blood

Postby Bronkel » 15 Feb 2015, 16:19

You guys are trying to just redirect him to the patch without reading his post, while he's saying the patch itself doesn't work. He uses a taste for blood proc and 3 seconds later he gets another procc. This is how it used to work, and not how it should work with the patch.

What I think is happening here though, is while you do have the procc up from 4:34 right before you use it the target dummy dodges an attack. This gives you a regular Overpower, which also happens to remove the taste for blood procc, without actually using it. This means you don't get the 6 sec cd from 4:37, but instead follow the cd from 4:34, giving you another procc at 4:40.
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