4.3.4 Cataclysm Addons List

4.3.4 Cataclysm Addons List

Postby Ikkon » 02 Jun 2014, 01:31

hey i wasn't able to find one of these for 4.3.4 so i made one, hope it helps

Addon Control Panel - lets you disable/enable addons without logging out

ActionBarSaver - quickly save and restore abilities to bars for making new chars and whatnot

Afflicted - enemy CD tracker, updated with cata spells

Arena Spectator - older version of AT spectator addon, current one posted doesn't work for me so if it doesn't work for you use this

Bartender - bar addon

Combat Indicator - icon on focus/target frames to tell if someone is in combat. credit to Espenbv88, his version already worked for cata so i just updated the .toc

DiminishingReturns - attaches DRs to arena frames

Extra Bars - adds some more bars

ExtraCD - track internal cooldown of trinkets/enchants/talents

GladiatorlosSA - audibly announces cooldown usage... please make sure your teammates can't hear this through your mic ._.

Gladius - gladius

InterruptBar - regular interruptbar

Lorti UI - darkens UI

LoseControl - displays duration of CC spells

MikScrollingBattleText - customizable alternative for regular blizzard combat text

MoveAnything - less needed in cata because most frames can be unlocked but for the ones that can't, moveanything

NecroticTrack - simple addon that tracks how much your necrotic absorb is stacked to

OmniCC - cooldown timers for your own spells

PartyAbilityBars - track your teammates cooldowns

PlateBuffs - buffs/debuffs on nameplates

PowerAuras - highly customizable buff/debuff tracker

Prat - customizable chat addon, can copy/paste links from chat

Purge - announces your dispels, shivs, soothes etc

Quartz - cast bar addon

Recount - track information such as damage, dispels, interrupts, cc breakers, dot/hot uptime, healing, energy gains, dispels, etc

SafeQueue - protects you from accidentally clicking leave queue

sArena - adds trinket icons to default frames, credit to Herz & Muevete for posting the working version in another thread

SnowfallKeyPress - abilities trigger on keypress instead of keyrelease, cata has that feature built in but this adds the ever-important flash animation to button pressing, credit to marm for posting this version in another thread

TidyPlates - customizable nameplates

XPerl - customizable unit frames

below i included some scripts you can use, some of them have download links for addon versions, didn't write these just organizing them here for convenience (google is your friend if you don't know what to do with them)

class icons instead of player portraits on unitframes
Downloadable in addon form

Macro form
Macro 1
/run UFP="UnitFramePortrait_Update" UICC="Interface\\TargetingFrame\\UI-Classes-Circles" CIT=CLASS_ICON_TCOORDS UC=UnitClass

Macro 2
/run hooksecurefunc(UFP,function(self) if self.portrait then t=CIT[select(2,UC(self.unit))] if t and UnitIsPlayer(self.unit) then self.portrait:SetTexture(UICC) self.portrait:SetTexCoord(unpack(t)) else self.portrait:SetTexCoord(0,1,0,1) end end end)

Raw form
        if self.portrait then
                if UnitIsPlayer(self.unit) then                         
                        local t = CLASS_ICON_TCOORDS[select(2, UnitClass(self.unit))]
                        if t then

macro to bind macros without having them on your bars, <3 this macro
/run SetBindingMacro("BUTTON","NAME OF MACRO") SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet())

how to use it: save the contents of the code box as a macro. we're using a macro to bind a macro. change BUTTON to whatever button you want to bind the macro to. if you want to bind it to a modifier key, use a dash between the modifier and the actual key, i.e. ALT-E, SHIFT-R, CTRL-G. then change NAME OF MACRO to the name of the macro you're wanting to bind. make sure you do not remove the quotation marks when you're doing that. then drag it onto your bars and press it. clicking it works fine. you can take it off your bars afterwards.

macro to show default arena frames outside of arena
/run LoadAddOn("Blizzard_ArenaUI") ArenaEnemyFrames:Show() ArenaEnemyFrame1:Show() ArenaEnemyFrame2:Show() ArenaEnemyFrame3:Show() ArenaEnemyFrame1CastingBar:Show() ArenaEnemyFrame2CastingBar:Show() ArenaEnemyFrame3CastingBar:Show()

hide the dragons or gryphons or whatever on the action bars
Macro form
/run MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide()
/run MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide()

hide macro labels
Downloadable in addon form

Raw form
for i=1, 12 do

hide binds
Downloadable in addon form

Raw form
for i=1, 12 do

macro to hide the red error text in the upper middle of screen
/run UIErrorsFrame:SetAlpha(0)

if there's an addon you want to see here just post it and i'll add it
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Re: 4.3.4 Cataclysm Addons List

Postby Noddcrack » 04 Jan 2015, 15:19

Lorti UI for 4.3.4 :v
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Re: 4.3.4 Cataclysm Addons List

Postby dkfalkon » 11 Jan 2015, 18:18

really good and helpful post thanks :D
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Re: 4.3.4 Cataclysm Addons List

Postby Ikkon » 21 Jan 2015, 07:16

Noddcrack wrote:Lorti UI for 4.3.4 :v


dkfalkon wrote:really good and helpful post thanks :D

np =]
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