Movie ladder

Movie ladder

Postby Roughjohny » 18 Jan 2015, 21:56

Movie subforum is in complete mess, something like AT warcraftmovies version would be nice way of advertising your server. Show people what you got, let people rate idk, put best rated movie of week on front page and such.
Hidden player counter and forum full of people accusing for scripting doesn't look nice, neither attractive though
There is bunch of 5.0 AT movies on wcm already graven which are still worth watching and may lead new players here.
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Re: Movie ladder

Postby Lawz » 18 Jan 2015, 22:40

Great idea
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Re: Movie ladder

Postby Sbkzor » 06 Feb 2015, 23:55

Hell yeah
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Re: Movie ladder

Postby Kronm » 07 Feb 2015, 00:18

Thats actually a great idea imo
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Re: Movie ladder

Postby Shadylove » 07 Feb 2015, 13:47

if there is something that brings you back into an old expansion, it's an nostalgic video that gives your body a electric feel of playing there.
Make it happen AT! ;)
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