Postby Dphunthero » 15 Feb 2015, 02:29

saying he is the best pal


just wanted to show to everyone that get sniped by this guy then insulted that he is just a fag insulted by his mate aswell, even if he tries to hide it.

http://i.imgur.com/3YP9Fqc.png sucking shinta to play with him

then ofc, http://i.imgur.com/Ohi5iMC.png truth from shinta, thank you.

now i hope all of you will know how low is hophell and how he is with these warrior he is playing warpal.

i had to show this.

edit : because shinta and me speak french, you will have to translate from french to english to understand skype conversation

http://i.imgur.com/q42upeW.png , seems like karll is right
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Re: hophell

Postby Perryxoxo » 15 Feb 2015, 14:03

That guy is a joke hes queing in 2 am 24/7.
This season and last season with Dogslessx and Xenodoghic.
Fking check his team +1+1+1+1+1+2+2+2+5+1+3+2, farming from 1.5k to 2k mmr russians and after that when he gets some 2.4k team he loses cuz LSP 2 hard.
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Re: hophell

Postby Billy » 15 Feb 2015, 15:43

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Re: hophell

Postby Melataex » 15 Feb 2015, 15:48

Hophell is a cool guy, you on the other hand are a sad cunt for doing, erh, whatever this is. :)
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