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AT's brand new LFG tool!

October 27, 2014 21:51
by Malaco
Hi guys. Its been a long wait but our LFG tool is finally here!
This new tool will make it easier for you to find new team mates.
Feel free to try it out for either Wotlk, Cata or Mop

It will show up online players that is looking for team mates and will also display their highest achieved rating in all brackets


Taximan 3 ft Ayunix

October 30, 2014 04:52
by Malaco

Participating teams for Cataclysm tournament

October 17, 2014 23:35
by Meatcave
Check BRACKETS here

This week's 3v3 Cataclysm tournament will take place on the 19th of October at 18:00 CET (approximately server time). All teams should be ready at 17:00 CET.
The teams that will participate are the following:

1. step two penetrate bhol:
Oladoda / Sadiator / Snipin
Additional: Honourless


2. three players:
Inimix / Duduferal / Birdmachine
Additional: Jellybeans


3. gyakorljunk na:
Xeledin / Josemanueldk / Huckr
Additional: Cruxe


4. Nerf eight k soul fire:
Intension / Phoenexis /Diobrando


Hotbiscuit / Jokerj / Undekone
Additional: Takamadblunt

Subtlety/Fire mage/Restoration

6. Just Doing Our Thing:
Bestatall / Dopegirl / Shazzel


7. Look at this boomie omg:
Willferrellcc / Sqwertylol / Sookiex
Additional: Csakszopatok


8. Hashtag Prettysweet:
Kospookz / Notgoodx / Passiontea
Additional: Iamnoki


Cataclysm 3v3 Tournament info

October 15, 2014 00:04
by Phoenexis
Tournament format: All comps, minus double healer and class stacking comps.
Prizes will be distributed as follows:
1st: €300
2nd: €100
3rd: 600 AT Coins per player

The tournament will take place on the 19th of October at 18:00 CET.
The game has a 12 minute time limit. Single elimination. If the game goes over 12 min, each team will be awarded 1 point.
You are now able to have 4 players in your team in case you want to change comp. Rules taken from MLG.

The losing team will be able to choose the map for the upcoming game.
The first game will always be played on Nagrand Arena.
Each team will be able to bring up to 4 players into the tournament, 3 of which must have qualified through the ladder. The team captain of their team will decide which 4 players compete in the tournament should the team contain more than 3 members.

If any team decides to drop from the tournament while the event is being held because they are losing in the event, those players will be banned from playing in the next AT tournament. Play out your games guys, don't ruin the tournament for everyone else just because you aren't doing well in one tournament.

Changing comp:
You are now only allowed to sign in with x2 comps for the tournament.
One of the two comps must be the one with which you qualified for the tournament.
You have to inform us about the comps you want to sign in within the next days. If you have either Phoenexis, Jammin, or Nihilist on skype, inform us there, else please let us know in a ticket on the main server.
You are still able to change your comp between your two chosen comps after each
game played.
Switching specs does not count as a new composition, so long as you are not switching from dps to healer or healer to dps.
Also your team can only consist of 4 different persons(accounts), and that only if
you inform us about these 4 before the tournament starts.

REGARDING PAYMENT: If you expect to receive money from the prize pool, you MUST have a working paypal account.