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The donation page is back!

April 18, 2014 22:38
by Malaco
Donation page back and modified!
We introduced a brand new point system and more donation methods.
Its still not fully completed but its fully functional.

5 Years

April 12, 2014 14:46
by Malaco
Lets not get all emotional now but hey :P
Today is a very special day for both me and the server.
For 5 years now i have been running this server and im extremely proud of what we managed to achieve.

I would not be ashamed to say that AT has been ruling the private server landscape with quality for a long time now.
Unique features that every server wants to copy. Then you know you did something right.

Im extremely proud of the guys that has been working behind the scenes fixing all the bugs,
inovating new groundbreaking features and serving tickets.
Big thanks to Bigpwn and the rest of the staff. You guys are the reason why AT is defined as a quality server.

And you guys that plays on AT. Thanks for staying with us for all those years and showing off that AT is made of skilled players!

It might sound like a farewell message but we are fucking here to stay!

Today im a very proud Malaco thanks for letting me have this life changing experience!

Happy birthday AT!

Take a look in the General Vendor for a small gift :)

Drainer 11

April 07, 2014 20:17
by Malaco

Replay system beta test

March 31, 2014 11:36
by Midna
I'm integrating a new system on WOTLK, this system will record matches for future playback, it will also create delays between spectators and the real match.

Currently players will have between 10-20 sec delay when spectating through the Spectator NPC(this is why stealthed players are visible)

There are currently four commands for testing:
.replay (matchid) (optional: timeinseconds) - starts a replay, get the matchid from the armory
.replay goto (timeinseconds) - skips to a certain time in the replay. Works in spectator mode
.replay fastforward (time in seconds) - skips the replay forward(minimum of 10 sec). Works in spectator mode
.replay rewind (time in seconds) - rewinds the replay(minimum of 10 sec). Works in spectator mode

There is no user interface or NPC at this moment as its in a testing phase, you can get the matchid's from the armory:
1. Go to an arenateam
2. Scroll down and expand a match's details
3. Get the matchid from the URL:
eg: http://arena-tournament.com/armory/wotlk/match/1193924 = matchid 1193924
4. Ingame type: ".replay 1193924"

UPDATE: You can use the arena spectator NPC to find replays


We cannot save every replay forever cause of the huge amounts of games played everyday(several GB per day), in the future replays will be deleted after x days.
My current idea is to give "Replay Saveslots" to players, having a replay in one of your Saveslots will prevent the replay from being deleted.

Alessia 1

March 30, 2014 17:40
by Malaco