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WotLK lag issues fix

November 26, 2014 13:35
by Meatcave
After getting reports of lag issues we decided to host a seperate 'Proxy Realm' for WotLK.
The lag issues from our datacenter is caused by routing problems.
It does not effect everyone and is usually solved over time, there is however nothing we can do to solve them other than working around it.

Connecting to the proxy will ensure a good connection to the datacenter and solve the lag issues some are experiencing.
Basically all it does is connecting you to our host through another connection, it's not a new server.
This specific proxy is not permanent but will make sure to give you guys options if you're having problems with our host.

To connect to the Proxy Realm do the following (WotLK only):
  • Login to your account
  • Click "Change Realm"
  • Select "Proxy Realm"

As this is considered as a different server by WoW, you might want to consider copying over your addon settings in:


Simply copy everything from 'EU Arena-tournament.com 3.3.5' to 'Proxy Realm'
The folder called 'Proxy Realm' is created the first time you login on that server, it is however fine to create the folder yourself as long as you spell it correctly.

Community Manager

November 20, 2014 23:09
by Nihilist
Hey guys,

For those of you who don't know me yet, i'm Nihi and i've been here for a year but primarily on Cata. Now however, i'm going to be the Community Manager for all realms, and will serve as a natural bridge from and to all players to the Staff. I'll mainly be found on the forums as that's where the whole community gathers comprehensively, but will also be seen in-game on all realms more than before. Feel free to direct any questions that you don't want to post on the Forums to my inbox here on the forums and i'll respond as quickly as I can. Here are the specifics for what i'll be responsible for, so you can all know what to expect-

- Being both a representative of what the population wants to the Staff, as well as being communicative in Staff responses and rationale.
- Facebook updates that affect the community
- Twitter updates that affect the community
- AT Forums/Website announcements
- Twitch community(player channels) monitoring
- Coordinating and monitoring the media tab that will be added to the website when it is updated.
- Events announcements and planning

I look forward to interacting with more of you!

I would also like to point out that there have been multiple new postings in the section "AT needs your opinion", here's a link to one regarding Cata:


AT WoD closed beta confirmed

November 01, 2014 19:19
by Malaco
A collaboration with Karabor

Baconflippin & Flippinbacon 1

November 22, 2014 13:44
by Malaco

WotLK Season End

November 16, 2014 18:39
by Meatcave
Top teams last season on WotLK

Top 5 2v2
Rank 1

Rank 2
ay ay caramba

Rank 3
Summoned a God on AT

Rank 4
Battlemaster omfg

Rank 5

Top 5 3v3
Rank 1
The Sloth Guys

Rank 2
kolya hach

Rank 3
atc skill

Rank 4
oes bads

Rank 5
rip or get ripd
Other team mates not in PR range