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What happened to AT?

After many discussions betwen both staffs Arena-Tournament and Molten-WoW have decided to initiate a union between the two servers to create the best experience possible for all players.

What does this mean for AT members? Well, really it just means more people to go up against!

You will find the AT Wotlk server in Moltens realmlist under the name Blackrock and our Cata realm will follow in the near future as Warsong.

Our goal is to retain as much of our identity as possible, while still making the realm an attractive place for players that are not as integrated into our community. The one noticeable change will be that 3.3.5b will be removed but besides that, the realm will keep being the same you have been playing for the last few years.

All accounts as well as characters will be saved, none of your data will be lost.

If you have any questions or concerns you can feel free to visit the forum and we'll sort out any issues there.

Thank you for playing and we'll see you on the new realm!


How to merge

Step 1: Enter your AT and Molten username and password

Step 2: Press Merge.


- "Empty ReCaptcha". This can get fixed by disabling AdBlock, Delete browser cache or try another browser.

- If it says the molten account does not exist, please try to recover your account here.

- Otherwise create a new molten account here.

- Once your account is merged, All your AT characters will be transferred and visible on your molten account.