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After a long wait we're finally decided on a date of opening the WoD server for PvP beta testing.
We are not aiming for a big launch, mainly to just get rid of all critical spell bugs and fix performance.

After the pvp beta launch we will start to work on the pve/pvp mode system!
And when we decided its in a good state we will aim for a big launch.

So for the pvp beta you will get this
- Instant lvl 100
- Arena's open
- Battlegrounds open
- Free starter pvp gear

PvP beta release 30 January


You can now donate for max level professions on WotLK.
After the donation has been rewarded, you will be able to learn maxed out professions from the profession trainer, on all your characters of the account that was donated for.

Warlords of Draenor
Alright guys, it's time for a WoD status update.
First of all let me apologize for not posting an update earlier but we've been very busy, the reasons for that will be partially explained in this post.

Our original plan was to...

As you might have noticed, we have made several changes to the forums overnight in order to prepare for the launch of WoD and offering a more organized and easier navigation throughout the forums. I’m sure for some of you it may look a bit confusing but no worries. We have not deleted anything!

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AT is now entering its sixth year and we got a really bright future ahead!
A new year with innovations and new faces.

WoD is just around the corner and we're so hyped to finally provide the latest expansion and now also with PvE in our brand new mode system!

The AT staff wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Since we haven’t updated you guys in a while on what we’ve been up to we decided to make one big post about everything that’s currently going on.

We have also opened a temporary ask.fm account which is accessible to every staff member.
So if you’re interested in asking us some questions head over to

Website redesign:

A lot of you probably know that we have planned to redesign the site for a long time but the development had been on ice for the longest time.
The progress recently got picked up and is now nearing completion, we’ve got a couple screenshots of the current beta page for you guys that want to get a sneak peek, and or might want to give us some feedback!


Warlords of Draenor Updates:

In the past few weeks we have made a lot of progress with the WoD realm we have coming up, we will release some more in-depth information about the server this week.

Wotlk Updates:

The Wotlk season recently ended but we had to delay the changes we had planned for it by a little bit due to the immense amount of work on our shoulders and are still putting into wod development. But we did not forget about you guys and have prepared a few changes that should be an uplift to the rest of the season.
There is still some more stuff we have planned that we didn't manage to put into this update, so stay on the lookout!

You should see all of the mentioned changes go in over the course of the next few days.


Average and max ratings have changed a lot over the course of the last few years and our current transmog rating requirements stem from a time when rating inflation was a lot higher than it is at the moment.

That’s why we decided to bring down the transmog requirements by a bunch of points, you will be able to notice in game that a lot of the requirements have been adjusted to more relevant numbers for the current state of the server.


When we decided to reimplement professions we thought they would be a nice perk to be obtainable by playing 3vs3, however over the course of the last season we realized that for the little benefit they bring to the table the effort required was just too much.
Therefore we decided to lift the bracket restrictions on obtaining professions and they can now be leveled up with any rated arena win.

Implementing Dampening for 2vs2 matches:

For this next point we decided to get some inspiration from retail, we will be implementing the dampening system retail uses in 2v2. Dampening will kick in after 8 minutes, reducing healing received and absorption effects by 1% per stack. Stacks are increased every 10 seconds.
If feedback requires it, we might want to increase the time for dampening to begin in higher rated matches.

World pvp titles now rewarded by honorable kills:

The current world pvp title system was implemented at a time when world pvp was really active, however while we wish that it remains active we decided to make the pvp titles a little more accesible. Instead of using badges, the titles will now be rewarded for honorable kills which can be in open world pvp, Isle of Quel Danas or battlegrounds.
Titles will be rewarded as following:

Rank 1 - 10 will require 2000 honorable kills each
Rank 11 - 14 will require 2500 honorable kills each

Gear Requirements:

Similar to transmog requirements, PvP weapons and armor parts have had their rating requirements adjusted.


Instant lvl 80 - PvP Only

Patch: 3.3.5



Win Torrent Mac Torrent

Season end

15 February 21.00 CET

Instant lvl 85 - PvP Only

Patch: 4.3.4



Win Client Mac Client

Season end

15 March 21.00 CET

Instant lvl 90 - PvP and PvE

Patch: 5.4.1



Win Client Mac Client

Season end

To be announced

PvP Mode lvl 100 - Pve mode x3 XP

Patch: 6.0.3



Client Coming Soon

PvP Beta Launch

30th January 18.00 CET