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Voting beta testing

July 22, 2014 03:56
by Malaco
Hey guys. As many of you requested we decided to add a voting page.
We have currently opened it for beta testing so feel free to try


Make sure you're logged in to get 1 coin

Update 1.
Im really proud of you guys. Within 24h we managed to hit the frontpage of openwow.
Competing with several other servers that voted for 22 days. Keep this up and we will easy get top 5 next reset.
Right where we belong! Keep it up guys!

Yet not implement, you can vote on xtremetop100 by using this link xtremetop100.com/in.php?site=1132323487
1st place: Takamadblunt, Hotbiscuit, Jokerj
2nd place: Yazuri, Aeglos, Doujaxx
3rd place: Umirinbrah, Plsbackuphdd, Tebz

List of participants:
Aeglos' Team
Takamadblunt's Team
Supowqt's Team
Dopegirl's Team
Frackles' Team
Umirinbrah's Team
Chanique's Team
Aliciaqt's Team

Bracket: http://challonge.com/ATCataMiniN2

The following teams made it to the mini tournament by being in the top 20 at the end of the qualification:
Aeglos' Team
Takamadblunt's Team
Supowqt's Team
Dopegirl's Team

The following teams were chosen at random to fill the 4 remaining spots:

This is the sign up topic for the second biweekly mini 3v3 tournament, hosted on the Cata server. The event will take place on the 20th of July at 18:00 CET
Sign up for this week-end's 3v3 mini-Tournament sign-up is now open for EVERYONE!
Teams that are in the top 20 will be picked for the event without going through the randomization of sign up list.
Please make sure to read through the rules of qualifying before signing up for the event!

You can sign up for the event by making a new post in this topic with the following format:
Team armory link (if you have one):
Player1: Name - Class
Player2: Name - Class
Player3: Name - Class
Are you willing to have your skype on stream? (answer with yes or no)

Do not reply to this thread unless you are certain that you can attend.
The event will most likely last 2-3 hours - make sure you have enough time to participate.
The sign up closes on sunday 20th at 16:30 CET. Teams will be announced at 17:00 CET.
Your whole team needs to be online before 17:45 CET.

Qualifying and team rules:
- All teams are eligible, however teams in the top 20 of the ladder have a priority.
- Only one comp per team.
- Your team can have only 3 different players(accounts).
- The players(accounts too) must be the same as in the team on the ladder.

We will randomly select 8 teams from the teams that have signed up and are in the top 20 of the ladder, along with 1-2 extra in case of no-shows. Sadly if you do not see your name you have not been picked! All picking is done at random by inserting the list of teams to random.org and randomizing the list.

- The first game will always be played on Nagrand Arena.
- The losing team will be able to choose the map for the upcoming game.
- Switching specs does not count a new composition, so long as you are not switching from dps to healer or healer to dps.
- Faction and race changing is allowed as long as it doesn't slow down the event.
-Class stacking is not allowed.

- 1st place: 'Challenger' title, 200 AT Coins and the Vicious War Wolf mount
- 2nd place: 100 AT Coins
- 3rd place: 50 AT Coins
You will be able to spend the coins at http://arena-tournament.com/donate

- 8 teams
- Single elimination
- Best of 3 bracket, best of 5 grand finals

You will be able to specate the games via Spectator NPC or live on stream at http://www.twitch.tv/akumaqt

Do NOT reply to this topic with anything else than sign up info.

New World PvP zones and mount transmogs!

July 16, 2014 02:50
by Phoenexis

We’ve recently opened up a new World PvP system on the Cataclysm server with 3 different maps. Every hour and a half a world PvP zone will open up for 45 minutes. You can access the zone by talking to the Teleporter NPC which will transport you to the “Staging Area” where you can prepare yourself before going into battle. As you gain kills within the zones, you will rank up and receive titles. A player that kills more than 5 enemies will start a killstreak. The person with the biggest kill-streak will be marked with an "x" and whoever kills him gets extra killing blows. Groups have also been disabled for the moment.
Remember World PvP is still a work in progress and changes are being made daily. We're open to feedback regarding the new zones and are even considering adding new ones in the future.

We've also added a new feature starting in cataclysm: Mount Transmog. It allows you to transmog your mounts into other never-seen-before mounts. This feature can be found on the Transmog Vendor npc and it requires 3v3 seasonal rating.
I highly recommend everyone who is using or has used lua unlocks in the past to get rid of anything related to it or chances are you will be banned. Just in the past few days I've banned several accounts with high playtime on their characters.


Good luck.

Hey everyone,

we decided to make a 1v1 event for the Cataclysm server this monday at around 18:00 server time. Winners will be getting some AT points to buy whatever they want from the donation page :)
If you would like to participate in this event, make sure that you can make it.
We will be taking a total of 8 players that sign-up for the event by posting a reply in this thread.
How to sign up:
You need to reply to this topic with your character's name, class and spec to be eligible for an invitation.
Use the following template:
Player1: Name – Class/spec

Do NOT reply to this thread unless you are certain that you can attend. The event will last around 1hour-1hour 30 minutes, so make sure you have enough time to participate throughout the whole event.
If you are chosen, we need you to be online at 17:15-17:30 or you will be replaced.
Bracket will be announced at 16:30.
We’re probably going to need at least one backup player, so be ready if you want to participate.

-No healer specs
-Changing specs is allowed
-Faction and race changing is allowed if you do it without slowing down the event.

- 1st place: 'Duelist' title and 100 AT Coins
- 2nd place: 75 AT Coins
- 3rd place: 50 AT Coins

-8 players
-Single elimination
-Best of 3 bracket, best of 5 final match and bronze match.

We will randomly select 8 players from this thread, along with 1-2 extra ones just in case some players don’t show up.
You will be able to spectate the games via the Spectator NPC by writing the names of the player or the names of one of the GMs hosting the event (Phoenexisx & Jzk) or via Akuma's stream: http://www.twitch.tv/akumaqt

Do not reply to the thread with anything other than sign up information please.